Invest just one day of hard work to kickstart your audience growth for years.

The long term success of startups and nonprofits hinges on their ability to efficiently grow their audience, but they are the least likely to have access to the expert marketing support that can make that happen.

The Understory Bootcamp is designed to solve this problem and help get smart, strategic marketing into the purpose-driven organizations that need it the most.

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Tell me if this sounds familiar…

You’re busy trying to save the world and solve real problems with innovative solutions.

You know that you need to reach more people in order to have the impact you want, but marketing overwhelms you. There’s too much to do and you don’t know where to start.

Every time you try something — like send an email newsletter or renew your commitment to Facebook posting — the results are mixed.
Did your efforts have an impact? You’re not sure.

With that, marketing gets pushed down the list and you fill your time with other things that feel more reliable.

But ask yourself this: what are you really building if you don’t have a growing audience?

What if you knew exactly what marketing would move your audience?

Imagine it. Knowing exactly what to do, exactly why you’re doing it and being able to measure your success.

  • You could stop feeling overwhelmed by the marketing you think you should be doing and feel confident in what you are doing.
  • You could reach more people and motivate them to engage with your work in a meaningful way.
  • You could demonstrate growth and widen your reach.

How would that increase your impact? What would that mean for you as a purpose-driven entrepreneur?

If this sounds exciting, then you’re ready for the Understory Cause Marketing Bootcamp.

You’ll leave the Understory Bootcamp with a marketing plan that is:

  • Actionable
  • Affordable
  • Empowering
  • Efficient
  • Effective
  • Results-oriented
  • Simple
  • And most importantly — Possible

Here’s what Understory Bootcamp entrepreneurs are saying…

“Lindsay breathed new life into concepts I thought I knew. I got our team using the framework from the Understory Bootcamp the very next day. It’s transformative. It prioritizes what we need to say, on which channel, and to whom.”



Director of Community Engagement
Mission Driven Finance

“This bootcamp is one of the few where you are able to take away tangible action items. I especially enjoyed the workbook and look forward to using it throughout the year. This bootcamp allowed me to think in-depth about our marketing strategy and I’ll use tactics from it all year long!”



Director of Marketing and Communications

“The Understory Bootcamp helped me to identify my audience, how to engage with them and how to prioritize our marketing strategies while being realistic about what I’m able to execute.”




Epicurean San Diego

2020 Schedule





Impact Hub

8:30AM – 5PM

Limit 12 participants.





Cause Camp

8:30AM – 5PM

Limit 12 participants.





Mission Edge

8:30AM – 5PM

Limit 12 participants.

Request a Bootcamp in Your City

Take control of your marketing in just one day.

You will walk away with an actionable plan and gain a deep understanding of marketing concepts. You won’t just learn how, you will learn what’s best for you and your goals.

In one super-intense hands-on dig-in-and-get-it-done day, you will build these essential marketing assets:

  • Competitive landscape because there is definitely someone else trying to capture the time, money, and attention of your people
  • Audience personas to understand who you’re talking to and what motivates them
  • Core messages that highlight the essential stories your organization needs to tell to be effective
  • Marketing funnel to nail down how questions and opportunities change as someone engages with your organization
  • Channel strategy to eliminate time-wasting activities and focus your limited time on only what works
  • Marketing flywheel to create a series of outreach activities that reinforce each other and get more efficient over time
  • 12-Month marketing plan so you feel confident in your priorities
  • 3-Month editorial calendar to ensure you can avoid the “I don’t know what to write about” excuse
  • Bi-monthly office hours to get your questions answered by marketing experts
  • Ongoing mentorship, accountability and support with access to our private social channel

Reserve your spot if you’re ready for a one-day, hands-on, dig-in-and-get-it-done digital marketing bootcamp!

*Limited number of tickets are available for each bootcamp, contact us for more info

Understory Bootcamp attendees leave feeling…

joyful proud focused prepared informed strategic confident organized productive
ready to take action and change the world

“I left with a clear, actionable plan, with a better ability to communicate about who Pueblo is and why we matter in this field. I’m more focused and confident.”



Social Justice Planner
Pueblo Planning

“I feel empowered and loaded with tools I can tangibly use to jumpstart my journey. I started my day saying that marketing is the scary “M word” to me. Now I have a clearer understanding of the path that strategy and messaging must take for my brand.”



Ops Optimized

“The Understory Bootcamp helped my team develop a reasonable, fun plan that we’re excited to implement and measure for greater impact in our work.”

Wondering if Understory Bootcamp is right for you?

This program is for you if…

  • You are a woman founder of any kind of organization
  • You are directly responsible for marketing your organization
  • You are trying to make the world a better place, with or without profits and products
  • You feel overwhelmed or unqualified so you avoid marketing
  • You don’t know when to say NO
  • You try to do too much with too little
  • Your team wears too many hats
  • You suspect you are missing opportunities for growth and impact
  • You don’t know what’s working because you don’t track metrics
  • You can’t prove the value of your communications efforts

This program isn’t a good fit if…

  • Your organization is not purpose-driven
  • You won’t commit to spending time every week on your marketing
  • Getting any customer is more important than getting the right one
  • You don’t have control over the marketing your organization does

Graduates of the Understory Bootcamp are doing amazing things, like:

  • Providing non-traditional financing to business owners and community organizations
  • Increasing renewable energy resources
  • Reducing homelessness
  • Fighting gentrification and protecting communities of color
  • Empowering local business owners to advocate for progressive policies
  • Selling healthy, organic, vegan soups to busy folks
  • Creating websites for nonprofits
  • Supporting new Americans with resources, job training and stability

Understory Bootcamp gives entrepreneurs an actionable plan

“Modern marketing and communications is a daunting challenge for any small business owner. Lindsay breaks things down into practical, actionable steps that leave you feeling inspired. Highly recommended.”




“The Understory Bootcamp does a fantastic job of making abstract marketing concepts tangible. If you are seeking clarity and direction for your organization’s marketing, I highly recommend you take advantage of this opportunity.”




“The Understory Bootcamp exceeded my expectations! I not only got a better understanding of marketing strategies and an actionable marketing plan but also lots of useful tips and specific advice for my business.”



Ivy Street

Your instructor: Lindsay Dayton LaShell

If you’re trying to make the world a better place, I want to help you make your marketing better.

I have always been passionate about using my powers for good.

I started teaching fifth grade in the Oakland Unified School District after a couple of years working for start-up companies. I had grown disillusioned with the wastefulness and privilege that defined my experience with the first wave of internet startups and I wanted to serve a real benefit to my community.

When I transitioned back into technology after five years in the classroom, this desire remained. I worked hard, I volunteered and I learned a ton so that many years later, I’d find exactly the path to accomplish what I’d been aiming to do all along. It turns out, the thing I know how to do is use the internet.

With the Understory Bootcamp, and through my content marketing agency, Diamond + Branch, I help women entrepreneurs and purpose-driven organizations grow through smart and strategic digital marketing.

Using exactly the methods I teach in the Understory Bootcamp, my agency has helped our clients achieve consistent, ongoing and efficient audience growth year after year. We help advocates and activists, healthcare providers and hotels, solopreneurs and national philanthropies to increase their audiences and their impact.


If you are ready to own the growth of your organization, join the Bootcamp now!

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